'Two of Cups' Tarot Card T-Shirt and Hooded Sweatshirt | Chakra Series

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Love Tarot Cards and Divination? Are you focusing on healing your Chakras?

Find them in a T-shirt, and Hooded Sweatshirt style. This apparel is an incredibly colorful rendition of the original Universal Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Card deck with the added elements of the Chakras. If you're healing your chakras, this is a perfect shirt as a reminder for spiritual connection and healing.




✭ Meaning 

Our Chakra Series 'Two of Cups' Minor Arcana Tarot Card design is inspired by the Spiritual Enlightenment journey. Depicted are the two highlight chakras (Root Chakra and Crown Chakra), representing the importance of having these fundament chakras healed and balanced for a coherent enlightened state of being.

The two snakes and wings symbolize the caduceus, the kundalini, and enlightenment while the 'Two of Cups' Minor Arcana card as a whole symbolizes the union of two entities: The union of body and spirit.

✭ Details 

🔹 Printed on 100% High-Quality, Combed Cotton Material

🔹 Shipped from the USA

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The Spiritual path is a personal one. One that only you can define.