About Us


We are a small group of Spiritual and Tarot Enthusiasts using Tarot and Divination practices to unfold our spirituality and creativity. We believe creativity is fundamental to living an authentic life.

We share the world of Tarot because we strongly believe Tarot and Divination practice is a fantastic beginnings to each individual's self-discovery journey, as well as being a means to self-reflect and express our true selves.

★ WHY ★

We created this Shop and Tarot lifestyle community to share the love of Tarot and to promote creativity, self-expression and personal healing.


In our work and shop, we use common recognizable phrases that help individuals as reminders to work on themselves:

• 'Awaken your Soul' - To awaken to your individual essence

• 'Express / Actualize your Essence' - Pointing towards discovering, validating and expressing our unique Essence as a means of personal expression and identity.

• 'Create your World, Create Yourself' - We have full control over our expression and creating oursleves and who we want to be in this world. 


We're excited to build something authentic and be on this journey with our customers. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular Tarot content and to stay up to date on our newest Tarot product arrivals!