Nature Flower Perfume Bottle | Earthy, Root Chakra Fragrance Refill Vial

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Transcend into a blissful realm of aromatherapy with this Nature Flower Perfume Bottle. Infuse your favorite, earthy scent, and enjoy it through this refillable vial. Help balance the Root Chakra, creating a sensation of centeredness and tranquility. Let your unique and luxurious fragrance envelope you in a cocoon of scent.



Vintage Empty Refillable Metal Glass Perfume Bottle Gift
Condition: New
Material: Metal & Crystal

Style 1:

Capacity: 30ml

Dimensions :Approx. 4.4cm*9.8cm

Style 2:

Capacity: 40ml

Dimensions: Approx.5.2*9cm

Style 3:

Capacity: 5ml

Dimensions: Approx.7.96 * 3.78 * 1.32cm

Style 4:

Capacity: 23ml

Dimensions: Approx 4.5cm*9cm

Style 5:

Capacity: 23ml

Dimensions: Approx.3.5*1.8*1.4 inch

Style 6:

Capacity: 5ml

Dimensions:Approx.3*1.5 inch

Style 6:

Capacity: 5ml

Dimensions: Approx.7.96 * 3.78 * 1.32cm

Style 7:

Capacity: 25ml

Dimensions: Approx 3.5*1.8*1.4 inch

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