Luxury Tarot Card Set | Full Set Tarot Cards Deck with Storage Box, Crystals, Divination Mat, and Storage Pouch

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Are you an experienced Tarot reader looking to elevate your practice? Or maybe you're just beginning Tarot divination and are interested in learning. You've found the perfect deck!

Our luxurious '1909 Luxury Tarot Card Deck' package is an ideal choice if you're looking to add beauty and atmosphere to your practice, or you're looking to learn the deep meaning of each Major and Minor Arcana Card. Coming in both Full decks and specified learners decks, these decks are crafted from PVC plastic making them waterproof and incredibly durable. Take them with you wherever you go and they're safe! Plus, the set comes with a storage case for added convenience.

The learners decks come with descriptive and interpretive pointers that are perfect for beginners. Interpret your cards without the hassle of looking it up online or using a guidebook! Standard (Full) decks are just like your regular deck with a full front-face card.

★ The Specifics ★

🔹 Classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck set

🔹 Cards size: 2.75 x 4.72 inches ( 70 x 120mm )

🔹 High-quality plastic cards

🔹 Vibrant colors, easy-to-read symbolism

🔹 Spiritual oracle card set

🔹 Made of high-quality PVC Material


The NEW Teal Foil and Sapphire Foil Deck!

★ Included ★

🔹 Sealed Deck of the 78 cards Major and Minor Arcana Cards

🔹 Mini Guidebook with meanings of each Major and Minor Arcana Card

🔹 Set of Divination Crystals; Divination Mat, Card/CrystalStorage Pouch

🔹 Secure card Storage Box for card and material protection

Learners decks come with a descriptive front-face to assist with interpreting and learning your cards

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