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Now more than ever has it become a priority to heal our Chakras and energy field. Many of us understand our Tarot Readings, but did you know each Major and Minor Arcana card also relates to our Chakras?

I offer comprehensive Tarot Readings as they relate to your Chakras. These specialized Tarot Readings are channeled to offer a practical perspective on how an individual manages their current energy field through their current life situations and intuitive readings.

In this package, you will receive a one-page PDF document of your Tarot Spread and information on which Chakras need focusing on for healing.

You will receive guidance on techniques for how to heal the specific chakras your Tarot Spread is pointing to, as well as any relevant information that may help you in the healing process.
The goal of this reading is to have our customers become aware and interested in healing these specific chakras to begin their healing journey toward living a balanced, healthy, authentic, and whole life.

Please note: This is not medical advice and is not a substitute for seeking professional help. The art of Tarot is a personal intuitive guidance tool to help us understand areas of our lives we may not be conscious of to live with more personal clarity. I do not take or answer questions on medical issues, pregnancies, or anything that is designated for medical professional consultation.

Personal identifying information is not required to receive a reading. First name is helpful but not required.

Let's heal our Chakra through Tarot - the most amazing Divination tool!

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