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The New Premium Gold Foil deck is here!

Transform your divination practice with our exquisite Celestial Sun Gold Foil Tarot Card Deck! These beautifully designed cards feature the timeless Rider-Waite-Smith depictions and are crafted with durable PVC material to ensure lasting use.

Elevate your readings with the luxurious gilded design, adding a touch of aesthetic charm to your ritual. Place your order now and experience the powerful impact of these premium tarot cards. 

★Details ★

🔹 Classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck set

🔹 Cards size: 2.75 x 4.72 inches ( 70 x 120mm )

🔹 High-quality plastic cards

🔹 Vibrant colors, easy-to-read symbolism

🔹 Spiritual oracle card set

🔹 Made of high-quality PVC Material

★ Included ★

🔹 Deck of the 78 cards Major and Minor Arcana Cards

🔹 Mini paper Guidebook with meanings of each Major and Minor Arcana Card

🔹 Secure card Storage and Carrying pouch


Take your readings to the next level and relate them to your Chakras for healing! The new Chakra Descriptive deck feature a incredibly unique Sun Gold Foil design and a descriptive meaning of the specific card - both upside up and reversed.

Relate them to specific Chakras for healing, as well as astrological - zodiac signs! A true MULT-DECK!

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