Welcome to the Dark Forest - A New Development

Welcome to the Dark Forest - A New Development

If you're spiritual, into Tarot, Astrology and witchy things, chances are you've heard about, or seen the Dark Forest theme on the internet. If you're unfamiliar with it, the best way to recognize the aesthetic is to look for depictions and artistic elements of what it sounds like... The Dark Forest. Ie. pine tree forests, fungal mushrooms, sometimes the pentagram and many features that could resemble modern paganism.

What we love about this theme and its gaining popularity, is the theme reflects the devleoping need for people to identify with, and connect with the Earth. 

It's not that we have never been seeking ways to connect with the Earth, think of tropical and beach aesthetics, mountain lifestyle and adventures, etc. – These are all beautiful things. But the Dark Forest element is special. Let's dive into it.

Why the Dark Forest?

So why has the Dark Forest theme and aesthetic been emerging? Well, it seems people are looking to identify with real things that they can relate to and connect with.

People are becoming more spiritual, and seeking to deepen their spiritual connection with themselves where they can harness their Essence to express to the world. Our inner journey is directly connected with what goes on in our environment... What better way to relate and recognize ourselves than through connecting and identifying with our environment? The Dark Forest theme is that; a deep, soulful theme with naturistic elements people can relate to.

And nature elements are nothing new in pop culture, we see themes such as beach culture, or nature-inspired adventure culture rise in popularity. But how many of us can relate to the beach in the Northern Hemisphere? If you're in California you're of the lucky few!

Most Westerners have roots in Northern geographical climates, either living in cities or environments where forest and nature once was. So this yearning to connect to our natural environment (which has been diluted from agriculture, urbanization, deforestaiton, etx.), is etched into our unconscious psyche... We want to go back!

A New Development

So what's next? What value can developing the Dark Forest theme and aesthetic bring to us as individuals and humanity as a whole?

The Dark Forest symbolizes healing and connection with the Earth. There really is no better way to improve mental health and develop our spirituality than by creating what we so yearn... And to yearn for connection with nature, the Earth and our envirionment helps us recognize who we are in this physical existence. This is the ultimate form of healing!

1st Chakra the Root Chakra (Muladhara)

If you're familiar with Chakras, think: Root Chakra (Muladhara). We know that when we focus on the Earth, the ground we stand on, we heal the body.

So, my proposal to you dear reader. The Dark Forest theme belongs to nobody and is free to identify with... create your personal reality with connection and explore the Dark Forest with whichever way you so choose.

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