The Reality of Spiritual Awakening + Healing (This will be true for many of you)

The Reality of Spiritual Awakening + Healing (This will be true for many of you)

We are (as a collective) going through the first mass global awakening where it’s actually talked about…. Ie. People are literally working and taking action to facilitate their awakening. This is huge.

Every individual is on the trajectory to their own perosnal awakening... there is just no other linear progression.

However, we don’t talk about the reality of awakening and healing. And it is not the same for everyone but it will true for most people.

Well, first let’s start off by saying once you experience your awakening there’s no going back. Many that do experience their ultimate Truth get swept back into the flow of their reality if they haven’t gone through the healing process. So the leads to a lot confusion. The answer to this is….


Healing gets a bad wrap with connotations as it's assumed as a pseudoscience or grouped into things like herbal medicine and such. It’s not so…

Healing is the process of bringing up unprocessed trauma (stuck energy consciousness) into your awareness and integrating it in your being. Your entire personality changes from an energetic perspective and can be seen through the aura. You’ll learn to rebalance your psyche to work within your context without become retraumitized.

But there is a harsh reality to this: it’s hard. It’s very difficult and will be for most people.

The reason it’s difficult is because you are uprooting the entire foundation you've known, trusting life and our basic psychological/survival structure to do it's thing while at the same time learning of live within everyday contexs of reality AND holding the integrity of your Truth.

There are ways to make it easier but this would have to be a separate post.

But for those reading, it’s possible and necessary. It is true that life gives you the situations you need… and surprisingly the strength to go through it all.

You have an incredible gift that, once you’re ready to manifest - you will bring these gifts into the world and you’ll leave a valuable mark to help to later generations become Whole themselves.


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