The difference between Astrology and Spirituality

The difference between Astrology and Spirituality

As said by Spiritual Guru, Sadhguru:

Where astrology tries to tell you how the cycles of the planets and stars bind you, the spiritual process tells you how to go beyond that.”



It is true.  Although Astrology and Spirituality can belong in the same category, they are different in the way that Astrology shows how we are bound to our Karmic cycles, making us aware of our material nature and karmic trajectory.

While spirituality helps us break these cycles, change our course, and ultimately, completely disidentify from them. This doesn’t not mean Astrology isn’t useful or necessary — it is the opposite.

Astrology holds deep answers to our our worldy experience, actions, beliefs etc.

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I do both! Practice astrology as a means to become closer to my spirituality.


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