Why Spiritual Practice is more important now more than ever

Why Spiritual Practice is more important now more than ever

It's no secret: The world is moving FAST. And a fast world = a fast, restless mind.

Not to say it wasn't always like this... it was. Our ancetors had to focus on survival which means their working, creative mind was in constant motion.

But most of us aren't living in survival mode, we have a home, abundance of food, great social connections... Getting our needs met is a piece of cake. So why is our mind still moving at a rapid pace? What are we trying to survive for?

It's a good question to, first, ask yourself! Because truly, we have all the answers we need to bring our body and mind to a comfortable equilibirum. But for the purpose of information, let me outline the main scenario of why the mind is restless when it doesn't have to be:

Core Beliefs

Beliefs 100% are the number 1. reason why our mind moves at a rapid pace. Let me explain:

The core beliefs we have developed early in life set the foundation to how we experience reality - it has set the entire blueprint and structure of how we get our needs met. And so, negative core beliefs activate flight or fight reactions constantly (most of the time in ways that are unnoticeable). And so, when we get home from a busy workday our mind is constantly processing all the stimulus under the framework of our beliefs.

To help understand this in depth, in a realistic scenario where our workplace is stressful, we would find ways to alleviate this stress and set boundaries where negative stimuli is avoided. This can however be very difficult to do at work, and because of this, we constantly put up with negative pressures and process through them. However, we do not let our natural system find balance because many times we would actually have to quit, but we want to keep our job! So there is a belief here of how we are handling reality at work; there's a belief that we can't find a better job; there could possibly be a belief about finances and the importance of this job. 

So we're weighing many beliefs and holding the ones are important to us, but they also may be keeping us in a constant state of agitation.

But are these core beliefs real? Or are they just outdated programming running an outdated scenario and reality? 

Could it be possible we can let go of these limiting beliefs and calm the mind in any given situation? Yes! Of course, but that's not going to come without setting your intentions straight and a lot of personal work. 

Let's explore some solutions to resolving our core beliefs, calming the mind down, and realistically, changing our entire lives for the better.


There are many ways to go about unfolding core beliefs, and one must find the right direction for their unique situation. However, one of the best conventional ways is to seek a therapist. Even better: a spiritual therapist! We'll talk more about that in the next section.

A therapist will help guide their client down to the core of all beliefs in order for you to dismantle them and replace them with realistic beliefs about one's self and reality.

In turn, one will see their life unfold and progress in their practical and social life. The mind will become calmer because now we are able to handle reality more from our personal truth and desires rather than through fear, anxieties, etc.

Spiritual Practice

One of the best ways to lead therapy and to uncover our core beliefs is through spiritual practice. Spiritual practice sets a holistic foundation to our healing process and helps us inquire deeply into the nature of ourselves, life, and our core needs.

Spiritual practice is incredibly diverse. One person may be interested in Yoga, Yogic traditions while others contemplate in meditation. It doesn't exactly matter what methods you use, as long as it brings concentration and listening to our deeper Self.

Another method of spiritual practice is reading Tarot Cards and practicing divination. That's actually what we're about: practicing Tarot divination!

Tarot is a fantastic way to practice spiritually as the practice and investigation of each Major and Minor Arcana card points to areas of our life that need investigating.

Of course a traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck comes with 78 Major and Minor Arcana cards, so if each card has its own unique meaning and interpretation, you can imagine that Tarot is an incredible and substatial tool to exploring our spirituality, pointing and guiding us in our personal development.

If you're looking to live a more peaceful life with a calmer mind, consider using the tools provided above! Remember, you have all the answers you're looking for, sometimes it just takes a bit of listening and self-inquiry to actualize them and bring them to conscious light.

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