Spiritual Awakening with Tarot

Spiritual Awakening with Tarot

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of Tarot Readings or Divination?

Well, the truth is... there is no ONE purpose. Tarot practice is yours and the meanings you derive from your practice are important and practical to YOU.

But it is true. We are all headed in one direction and that is the awaken to ourselves and to our Truth.

What does it mean to awaken to myself & my Truth?

It's quite simple. Our core self has needs and longings that are unique to us. In the regular state of consciousness, we are swept with life and kept busy to the point where we negelect or forget our core needs and longings.

So awakening to our truth is quite simple: it is to discover and honor our core Self and our needs; To begin to peel away the layers of untruth, fear and doubt. Only when we are ready to do this can we express our truth, our unique Essence into the world with creativity, confidence and independence.

We begin to feel the world, to feel supported by the very ground we stand on. Only then can we express our deepest desires and longings.

So how can Tarot help me discover myself and my Truth?

Tarot is a great tool to discover our Truth Self and point toward our needs. If we believe that we live in an interconnected world then pulling cards correspond to everything happening in our life; therefore, pointing towards something we should be focusing on.

Our interpretations are a set of personal beliefs based on the experiences we've been through. Reading these cards from our personal framework relates to our past experiences and believing that we live in an interconnected reality, ie. everything happens for a reason and happens at the right time. 

Tarot divination is beautiful for this, as it is a specific practice to focus on these areas. Because we believe everything is interconnected, by using Tarot we concentrate these synchronicities into a directive practice

Your practice is yours 

In the end, whichever way you practice Tarot is yours. Are you using it for divination, art, spiritual awakening? Fantastic! 

If you feel drawn to it, use Tarot as a means to personal spiritual awakening and healing. Let Tarot bring you that which you yearn to see and learn about yourself and the nature of reality.

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