Is Tarot Divination a Healing Practice?

Is Tarot Divination a Healing Practice?

The short answer: YES!

Tarot is indeed a healing practice! There are, of course, many routes to healing or healing toward your enlightenment... But Tarot is a great way to bring up subconscious beliefs about our life situation by trusting the Universe and interpreting common symbols.

Once we know the basics of the common symbology, ie. Cups, Pentacles, Wands, etc… we begin to interpret our cards, piecing our personal life situations together to paint a picture of what may be happening in our life. If we are doing a reading for someone, the message you read to your friend or client is information that they can absorb and discern based on their understanding.

Some will say, "yes, but you’re just making that up."

Actually: Yes, and no!

Someone reading their own Tarot is bringing up real interpretations from their own personal mind. Meaning, they're stimulating their own personal thoughts which directly correlates with their life. And divination is a perfect exercise and practice to be reminded as well as shown things by the Universe that we just aren't aware of! So it is indeed not all made up at all. Processing beliefs, thoughts, and memories; clearing emotional baggage or heaviness is healing towards Wholeness.

Tarot is just one form of healing and is an incredible practice that is fun, insightful and an ambient experience that brings people of common interest together for their healing. Plus, have you seen the amazing creativity in the Tarot and Divination community... is it not awesome?!

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