Connect to the Earth - Security, Abundance, Foundations

Connect to the Earth - Security, Abundance, Foundations

Connect to the Earth

You came into this world through her, and you live through her vehicle. Blessed are we for having firm ground, trusting everything she provides - she is abundant.

If you do not have firm ground, begin letting go and trusting. Examine your negative beliefs that keep you in a positive feedback loop of insecurity and searching.

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The Earth - Our Foundation

The Earth is the main foundation that everything in our life is built from. If we are able to strengthen our connection with the Earth as the Root of our being, everything on top of our foundation flourishes. From health to creativity; to new social connection and access to resources. It is all connected to our relationship with the ground.


The trusting process is not easy. It is a fundamental letting go of what we perceive as true and allow that core trust to emerge and root us more firmly in our reality.

You are here to become fully integrated with the Earth and to discover your Cosmic and Higher nature. To reflect on this and give to the world through your gifts. So you are not here without a reason: Your journey is grande and it is simply something to remember again.


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