22 Major Arcana Cards - What are they? What do they mean?

The Major Arcana is one of the two main categories of tarot cards, the other being the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards that are numbered from 0 to 21, and they are often considered the most important cards in the tarot deck. Each Major Arcana card represents a significant archetype or symbol that can be used to interpret and understand the meaning of a tarot reading.

Here is a brief overview of each Major Arcana card and its meaning:

0. The Fool: Represents new beginnings, innocence, and spontaneity. It can also signify foolishness or recklessness.

1. The Magician: Represents manifestation, creativity, and willpower. It can also signify manipulation or deception.

2. The High Priestess: Represents intuition, subconsciousness, and mystery. It can also signify hidden knowledge or secrets.

3. The Empress: Represents nurturing, abundance, and creativity. It can also signify overindulgence or laziness.

4. The Emperor: Represents structure, authority, and stability. It can also signify rigidity or control.

5. The Hierophant: Represents tradition, religion, and conformity. It can also signify dogmatism or intolerance.

6. The Lovers: Represents choice, unity, and partnerships. It can also signify indecision or temptation.

7. The Chariot: Represents determination, willpower, and victory. It can also signify aggression or arrogance.

8. Strength: Represents inner strength, courage, and compassion. It can also signify stubbornness or aggression.

9. The Hermit: Represents solitude, introspection, and wisdom. It can also signify isolation or loneliness.

10. The Wheel of Fortune: Represents cycles, fate, and change. It can also signify instability or unpredictability.

11. Justice: Represents balance, fairness, and truth. It can also signify legal issues or moral dilemmas.

12. The Hanged Man: Represents surrender, letting go, and sacrifice. It can also signify stagnation or indecision.

13. Death: Represents transformation, change, and rebirth. It can also signify loss or endings.

14. Temperance: Represents balance, harmony, and moderation. It can also signify impatience or imbalance.

15. The Devil: Represents temptation, materialism, and addiction. It can also signify bondage or obsession.

16. The Tower: Represents upheaval, chaos, and destruction. It can also signify revelation or liberation.

17. The Star: Represents hope, inspiration, and spirituality. It can also signify disillusionment or disappointment.

18. The Moon: Represents intuition, illusion, and the subconscious. It can also signify confusion or anxiety.

19. The Sun: Represents vitality, joy, and enlightenment. It can also signify egotism or overconfidence.

20. Judgement: Represents awakening, rebirth, and accountability. It can also signify guilt or regret.

21. The World: Represents completion, fulfillment, and harmony. It can also signify complacency or stagnation.

Each Major Arcana card has a unique meaning and interpretation, but they can also be grouped together to tell a story or narrative. For example, the Fool's journey through the Major Arcana is a common narrative used in tarot readings. The Fool starts at 0 and goes through each card in order, representing the journey of life and the different experiences and lessons we encounter along the way.

In addition to their individual meanings, the Major Arcana cards can also be influenced by their position in a tarot spread. For example, the first card drawn in a spread, often called the "significator" card, can represent the querent or the situation at hand. The cards that follow can provide insight into the past, present, and future, as well as the influences and obstacles that may be present.

It's important to note that while the Major Arcana cards can provide guidance and insight, they are not deterministic and should not be relied upon as a substitute for personal responsibility and decision-making. They are simply a tool to help us gain perspective and understanding of our lives and the world around us.

In conclusion, the Major Arcana tarot cards represent archetypes and symbols that can be used to interpret and understand the meaning of a tarot reading. Each card has a unique meaning and interpretation, and they can be used individually or grouped together to tell a story or narrative. Whether you believe in the mystical powers of the tarot or not, the Major Arcana cards can be a valuable tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

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