What ACTUALLY is Spiritual Awakening? - What's True / False

What ACTUALLY is Spiritual Awakening? - What's True / False

We talk about it a lot in spiritual communities, calling it: spiritual awakening, "oneness", enlightenment and all these words and labels. Of course, some of us have our own understanding, beliefs, mystical experiences attached to these words and that is OK as its important for each individual as it's part of their personal jounrey.

But for those who are looking for more insight on Spiritual Awakening, we'd like to share a practical approach to understanding Spiritual Awakening and provide a soundboard of experience to one's personal realizations and states of consciousness.

Who we are

We're a small team here who have gone through the Spiritual Awakening "process". Yes, process... We'll explain more later in this blog. But we have spent many years developing our state of consciousness and we're here to share it so others can access it for themselves. 

For this, we believe it's important to approach it with an intellectual understanding until you begin to unfold your personal Truth to the point where ideas and beleifs drop and all that there is, is a lived experience. Then you can come up with your own terms and words for it. 

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the "One", the creation and creator and is the fabric of all living things and the Universe. Consciousness is the Essence of which is beyond duality and that which has created duality.

Creation as a product and play of consciouss is in devleopment and expanding itself through form and creation. So whichever form and state of consciousness you take in this life... it is special and interisically divine. Because its an offering to the collective devleopment of creation as well as one's personal mission. That means, your gifts here change the Whole in its unfolding process.

But even though we personally have gone through our own awakening experiences to devleop our consciousness, there is a disinct shift in consciousness that takes place... and it has been taking place amongst many individuals in this time period.

So how does Consciousness shift?

Well if you're reading and trying to observe, pinpoint or understand this intitial awakening, here what to look for from our perspective:

Dramatic Shift in Perception

When one awakens, they experience a dramatic shifts in objective perception. Meaning, they're able to seperate what's personal to them vs. rational thought process. The is the awakening of the Third Eye Chakra.

They experience Higher Consciousness from their Upper Chakras (Crown Chakra) as as the unifying energy, the cosolidator or the energy that essentially created all of creation.

Discovering their Essence

Another things that happens with people who have "awakened" is they discover their Essence. They take a "Top Down" perception, and instead identifying as themselves and their form, they indentify that which sees themselves.

The rhythem of our psyche begins to ebb and flow in the a way where we are able to experience Consciousness from these two perspecrtive: the "Top Down" approach, and the "Bottom Up" approach. 

In this process,  one discovers themesleves as physical form as well as that which observes the physcial form... A bit of a mind cramp. Fundamentally, there is a distinct separtation between "me" as physcial form and "Me" as watching the little "me".

One discovers that there's is a seperate entity in their energetic body independant of their awareness that is "them" in physcical form. It has an energetic movement of that who which we identity as "me". We usually call this emotions but it encompasses the energetic movement of our form.

Lastly, if you are curious about this process it's important to note that there is nothing you can "do" to "awaken spiritually". I say this because our inclination is for their to be some sort of activity involved when thing will inevitably lead to disappoint.

What we can recommend is using a meditation practice and slowly easing and developing this transition with honest curiosity.

Developing and Growing into Higher Consciousness

This meditation practice is quite simple and doesn't require much effort. It's an observation tehcnique and you're free to life your day as you wish, although, it's useful to find more solitute and quiet if you are able to.

The meditation technique is to bring you Consciousness energy from the top of your head down into your body to the bottom of your feet.

You want to start with your awareness and focus at the toip of your head, this is called the Crown Chakra, and and slowly bring it down into you face, neck, torso, lower torso, legs and then feet. When you're at your feet, ground this energy to the Earth.

Now, if you continuosuly do this, you are going to devleop an awareness of your consciousness/awareness relative to your body. You can experience a speeration. Most people have an "aha" moment when they first redisccover themselves. 'Rediscover' because you know it's just you've forgotten this seperation.

It's important you are geniune with this practice, that you're leading it with pure intention and curiousity rather than a tool that "works - doesn't work". This meditation is an invitation for you to devleop a connection to your body and bring this spiritual awakenign experience naturally, on its own.

The Process

So back to "the process". We mentioned that spiritual awakening is a process and for the most part, it is. Of course, there usually an intitial awakening. However, most of the work of awakening is after the initial realization.

After the initial self-realization is the shedding and unfolding process back to equilibrium with life, or Nirvana. There is where one becomes Englightened.

Enlightenment is both special and not special at all. It's special that not many people are in full integration with life but its not special in that it's our natural state. It was the state we were all born into unblemished by our core wound and personal traumas.

This whole "process" is to come back to full equibilrium with life, as life as well as to discover who we are at our core.



most people that have awakened are stuck. They're stuck in the honeymoon "discovery" phase when it's just the beginning of their work.

Their work will always come back to facing their inner pains, past trauma, and whatever psycholical imprints and negative beleifs that have help one stuck and seekign throughotu their life. It's a time of letting go and surrendering to that which one has discovered. Now that this discovery has taken place it is the perfect time to lean into it and trust it whilst letting go of that which they were to emerge as a brand new human being.

This is the shift in consciousness. This discovery and letting go, shedding into a new human being. Only when we have shed shrouded past can we talk about enlightenment and Nrivana... All very special things and happen when the time is right.


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